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Manual for Railway Engineering

Railway engineering reference material and recommended practices for the industry. It contains principles, data, specifications, plans and economics pertaining to engineering, design and construction.

Communications & Signals Manual

Recommended practices representing current signal practices for new installations and for replacement on existing installations when general renewal or replacement is to be made. It is written in the interest of establishing uniformity, promoting safety or efficiency and economy.

Bridge Inspection Handbook

Comprehensive source to establish best practices and policies relative to the assessment of railway bridge inspections. It covers confined spaces, site conditions, loads and forces, nomenclature, bridge decks, timber, concrete and steel bridges, movable bridges, tunnel and culvert inspections, and emergency and post-earthquake inspections.

Practical Guide to Railway Engineering

In-depth coverage of railway fundamentals and serves as an excellent reference. It combines and consolidates the most useful information from sources including: AREMA Manuals; Railroad Engineering by W.W. Hay; Railway Curves and Earthwork by C. Frank Allen; FRA, USDOT and other agency sources.

Portfolio of Trackwork Plans

Consists of plans and specifications that relate to the design, details, materials and workmanship for switches, frogs, turnouts & crossovers, crossings, rails and other special trackwork. This is a companion volume to the Manual for Railway Engineering.


The Proceedings contain all technical papers and presentations presented at the Annual Conferences and Symposiums. AREMA members have complimentary access to the online Proceedings as a member benefit.


Additional publications/historical information.


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