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AREMA Headquarters

4471 Nicole Drive, Unit I
Lanham, MD 20706
Tel: +1.301.459.3200

Membership Services

Brandi Teel

Phone Ext: x717

Committee & Technical Services

Alayne Bell

Phone Ext: x 708

Publication Services

Heather Foster

Phone Ext: x 712

Education Services

Morgan Bruins, DES

Phone Ext: x 718

Login and Community Services

Janice L. Clements

Phone Ext: x 702

Event Planning

Lin Guba, CMM, CMP

Phone Ext: x 703

Expo Services

Christy Thomas, CEM

Phone Ext: x 704

Marketing and Sponsorship Sales

Lindsay McNicholas, MBA, CEM

Phone Ext: x 705

Information Technology

Skip Gmeiner

Phone Ext: x 714

Board Leadership

Stacy Spaulding, CAE

Phone Ext: x 706

Finance & Human Resources

Vickie Fisher, CAE

Phone Ext: x 707

Executive Director/CEO

Elizabeth Caruso, IOM, CAE

Phone Ext: x 701