Life Members

Life Members have been in good standing of AREMA or one of its predecessor organizations for at least thirty continuous years and have reached the age of sixty.  Their many years of service and expertise is appreciated and valued by the association.

Life members are eligible for additional benefits such as:

  • Automatic upgrade to Life Member upon verification
  • Reduced or complimentary dues
  • Rights and privileges of previous member class
  • Reduced conference registration

Contact the Membership Department for additional information.

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Constantinos Abacoumkin00005Abacoumkin
Steven Abramopaulos00011Abramopaulos
Mitchell E. Albert, PhD00034Albert
Gerald G Albin00036Albin
Eugene C. Allen, PE00046Allen
Peter J. Allibone00051Allibone
Kurt J. Anderson00066Anderson
Hershel R Anderson00072Anderson
Bruce R. Anderson05696Anderson
Michael N. Armstrong00096Armstrong
John I. Aspebakken00109Aspebakken
Roger M. Avery, PE00127Avery
Victor R. Babin05569Babin
Gordon S. Bachinsky, P.Eng.00133Bachinsky
Robert L. Badmington00137Badmington
Grant S. Bailey, P.Eng.00144Bailey
Paul T. Bakas, PE00149Bakas
Raymond C. Baker00153Baker
Mike R. Baker05377Baker
I. Robert Ball, Semi-retired00160Ball
Forrest H. Ballinger05636Ballinger
Christopher P. Barkan, PhD00173Barkan
Allan R. Barker00174Barker
James M. Barker00175Barker
Gilbert D. Barnes05580Barnes
Patrick L. Barrett, PE00191Barrett
John W. Barriger00192Barriger
Walter J. Barry07271Barry
Dale E. Bartholomew, PE, SE00194Bartholomew
Ronald L. Batory00203Batory
Gary E. Bechdol00213Bechdol
David A. Becker, PE00219Becker
Richard C. Beckert, PE04197Beckert
Ronald J. Begier00230Begier
Carl P. Belke00238Belke
Dewayne A. Bell00240Bell
Kenneth J. Belovarac00245Belovarac
Timothy R. Bennett00247Bennett
Christopher P Bennett00248Bennett
Robert C Benson07470Benson
Willie Benton, III00256Benton
Charles J Berkel06431Berkel
James R. Bertrand00273Bertrand
James E. Beyerl00279Beyerl
Joseph P. Bilotti, PE00294Bilotti
James C. Binder00296Binder
Stephen J. Birkholz00304Birkholz
Theodore W. Black00310Black
Alan J. Blackwell07175Blackwell
Albert R. Bobby06703Bobby
Terrance M. Bodine, PE00329Bodine
Joseph B. Boehle00331Boehle
Anthony P. Bohara, PE00336Bohara
Robert J. Boileau, PE00338Boileau
James H. Bolitho00342Bolitho
David J. Bonas00344Bonas
Alan C. Boone, PE00350Boone
Roger S. Boraas, PE00353Boraas
David L. Borger00354Borger
James O Born00358Born
John H. Bosshart00363Bosshart
W. Wayne Bostic, A.I.A.00366Bostic
Ian G. Bowie00378Bowie
Mark D. Bowman00380Bowman
Randy L. Bowman00382Bowman
James E. Boyd06712Boyd
Thomas M. Bracey, Retired00391Bracey
Daniel Breen, PE00409Breen
Donato Brescia00417Brescia
Kenneth F. Briggs, III00421Briggs
Jeffrey W. Brittain00430Brittain
Jeffrey C. Broadfoot00432Broadfoot
Lynn E. Brown00449Brown
Halsey G. Brown, PE07542Brown
Trevor P. Brown00451Brown
Sam W. Brunner06753Brunner
Howard T Buchanan00466Buchanan
Stephen J. Buckley, III00472Buckley
Russell E Bunker00479Bunker
William D. Burgel00483Burgel
Sumner F Burmeister00488Burmeister
Charles J. Burroughs00493Burroughs
Michael L. Burshtin, PE00494Burshtin
Darby G. Burwell00498Burwell
Alan B. Butler00506Butler
Antonio Cabrera04651Cabrera
Robert C Caldwell00522Caldwell
Darrell D. Cantrell00544Cantrell
Ronald R. Capan05930Capan
Dante P Capovilla06734Capovilla
Robert L. Carlson00553Carlson
Michael J. Carragher00562Carragher
John L. Carrato, PE, SE00565Carrato
Thomas R. Carroll, PE00569Carroll
Thomas S Carter00570Carter
James N. Carter, Jr., PE00571Carter
Samuel B. Carter06736Carter
Kenneth Patrick Casey, PE00581Casey
Donald B Castonguay00587Castonguay
Robert E. Catlett00594Catlett
Louis T. Cerny00600Cerny
Tony B. Chambers06590Chambers