Why Join AREMA?

Membership in AREMA demonstrates that you are a professional in your field, dedicated to improving your practical knowledge and interested in exchanging information with your peers in order to advance the railroad engineering industry.

Membership Dues - $195

The dues year is January 1 - December 31.  Dues must be renewed annually to remain an active member.  Dues received from October 1 to December 31 are valid through the following year. 

Individual Membership

AREMA is a professional, individual membership organization and does not offer corporate membership.  Membership is in the name of a person and not that of a company.

 Members work for various types of companies such as:

  • Railroad
  • Consultant/Engineering Firm
  • Supplier/Manufacturer
  • Contractor
  • Government Agency
  • University/College
  • Engineering or Scientific Society 
  • Trade or Technical Publication

Membership Class

New members may apply for Full or Associate Member.  A complete description of member qualifications is included on the online application.  Your membership category is subject to verification by the Director of Membership. 

Full Member 

May vote and comment on technical committee ballots.

Those who meet the qualifications below may apply for Full Member:

  • Engaged in the design, construction or maintenance of railway infrastructure, materials or maintenance of way equipment. May teach related subjects as a college/university dean or professor.
  • At least three years engineering or technical experience in the above.

Associate Member

May provide comments on technical committee ballots, but do not have voting privileges.

The following must apply for Associate Member:

  • Do not meet Full Membership qualifications
  • Involved in sales or marketing for a railway supplier company

Member Benefits

Participation on AREMA Committees
Have a say and contribute to development and research in railway technical, construction, and maintenance areas and recommended practices. 
Membership and Committee Directory
Locate your friends and colleagues in the industry by looking up their latest contact information contained in the online directory.
Network with Members
Collaborate with fellow members in the AREMA Community.  Get involved in an interactive online platform that brings together industry professionals to ask questions, discuss hot topics, participate on committees, connect with members and much more!  
Subscriptions to Railway Track and Structures (RT&S), Progressive Railroading and Mass Transit
Stay abreast of the changes, opportunities, and issues facing the railroad, maintenance-of-way and transit industry.  Take note of our monthly section in RT&S for the latest announcements of upcoming events and important issues concerning AREMA members. 
Discounted rates for AREMA Publications and Manuals
Keep your industry knowledge progressive regarding recommended practices in the various areas of the railway engineering and maintenance-of-way industry.  
Discounted registration to AREMA Meetings
Attend AREMA meetings where you can interact and exchange information with your colleagues.
Technical presentations of Annual Conferences (AREMA and AREA), the Railway Roadbed & Ballast Symposium, and Roadmaster's are available so that you may study in more detail projects and research that affect how you do your job.

Discounted Postings on Railway Careers Network
Post a job quickly and easily for maximum exposure to qualified and talented candidates.
Technical Committee Voting Privileges
AREMA publishes best practices for the development and advancement of the railway industry.  These manuals are used as a foundational standard in designing, building and maintaining railroads and related infrastructure.  Therefore, AREMA Technical Committees work year-round to update and revise these publications and are committed to technical excellence. Both Full and Associate Members may join and contribute to the work of these committees.
Full Members - May vote and comment on technical ballots.
Associate Member - May provide comments on technical ballots, but do not have voting privileges. 

To submit payment by check, email membership@arema.org to request a PDF version of the membership application.  

AREMA Podcast - Hear from Members
Listen to what AREMA Members have to say during our podcast, Platform Chats. Hear their testimonials on why they joined, what keeps them involved and much more. Grab your headphones .