Mentoring Program

What is it?

Mentoring is the coaching of AREMA Student Members and early career professionals by railway industry professionals (AREMA Members). These relationships contribute to the professional development of both the Mentor and the Mentee, including building new skills and self-confidence.

What are the Benefits?

The goal of the AREMA Mentoring Program is to give students (“Mentees”) an introduction into the challenging and rewarding career opportunities in railway industry and gain an understanding in:

  • Railway industry in general - what it is, what it does, how it is structured and how your role plays into is success.
  • Importance of rail transportation to a healthy, environmentally sustainable, and energy efficient economy.
  • Application of specific fields of study in the railway industry.
  • Relative roles of public and private entities within the railroad industry.
  • The spectrum of railroad opportunities; railroads (freight and passenger), government, consultant, supplier, and education entities, to utilize in career goal development.
  • Navigating the transition to a new job and working with people from multiple generations and personalities.

Who Qualifies?

All AREMA Student Members are welcome, regardless of major, to become mentees.
All AREMA Members are eligible to become mentors.

What is the Structure?

The official Mentor/Mentee relationship will be formally structured for 3 months with monthly calls. After that time, an informal mentoring relationship may continue as long as both parties agree or a new mentor can be assigned if desired.

How is a mentor chosen?

Mentors are paired with mentees based on information filled out in the program application that identifies interests and other key parameters.
“Having an AREMA Mentor gave me the chance to bounce my ideas and hopes off someone who has experience in the industry. It helped me consider different avenues of the industry that beforehand I had not thought about getting involved in. Overall, it was a great experience and helped me feel more comfortable stepping into my new career in the railroad industry.” ~Anna Delheimer (Mentee)
Have a question about AREMA's Mentoring Program, please contact Alayne Bell.